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2023 Land Judging Winners Marianna Middle School 1st, 2nd & 3rd place team leaders
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2023 Land Judging Winners Marianna High School & Marianna Middle School High Individual Scores
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2023 Land Judging Marianna High School 1st, 2nd & 3rd place team leaders
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Jackson County Supervisor of Elections, Carol Dunaway swearing in our Board of Supervisors. From Left, Jeff Pittman, Mack Glass, Mrs. Dunaway, Steve Basford, and Tom Stadsklev. 
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Proclamation at the JC BOCC 4/25/23 meeting for retiring Supervisor Sonny Davis, Jr. From Left, Supervisor Mack Glass, retiring supervisor Sonny Davis Jr, and JC Commissioner Paul Donofro. 
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Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District employees at Supervisor Davis's retirement proclamation.  From left: BMP Tech Garrett Williams, District Coordinator Peggy Gilley, Supervisor Steve Basford, retiring Supervisor Sonny Davis Jr, Supervisor Mack Glass, and Business Operations Analyst Alisha Dunaway, 
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November 2023, 
Ag Adventures for the 1st Graders of Jackson County November 2023.  Master Gardeners-Mrs. Nancy Baxley, and her husband Phillip, not pictured, volunteered at the Corn Station both days! 
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November 2023, Ag Adventures for the 1st Graders of Jackson County. At the Beef Station, Dr. Tessa Schulmeister from the North Florida Research and Education Center taught the kids all about beef cows! (Ag Adventures is held at the NFREC Unit every year.) 
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Smokey the Bear joined us to greet the bus loads of kids as they arrived at registration. :) 
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A group pic of the volunteers at Ag Adventures November 2023.
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The calf that Dr. Meg Austin of Cindale Farm brought with her for the Dairy Station. The lil calf sure was a big hit with the kids and the calf loved all the attention!! 
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Brittany Peacock from the Florida Peanut Producers worked the Peanut Station both days. :) 
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Peggy Gilley, the 2024-2026 Chipola Beekeepers Association President, and Jackson Soil & Water Conservation Districts District Coordinator and on the Ag Adventures planning team worked with Abbie Payne, Horticulture agent to teach pollination to the kids. :) The children loved being able to watch the bees close up in the club observation hive at Ag Adventures in November 2023.
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A group preparing to go in the Corn Maze at Ag Adventures, November 2023