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The 1930's Dust Bowl disaster spurred the U.S. Congress to declare soil and water conservation a national policy and priority in 1935. To elicit the active support of land owners on a local level, soil and water conservation districts serving conservation needs at a county level were created to work in partnership with the federal government. Today there are approximately 3000 conservation districts nationwide involved in efforts as varied as their conservation needs and the local citizenry that they serve.

The governing body of a soil and water conservation district consists of five elected supervisors. The office of a soil and water conservation district supervisor is nonpartisan and district wide. Candidates are elected in a general election to a 4-year term. Vacancies are filled by appointment by the remaining supervisors until the next general election. Supervisors receive no monetary compensation for their services.

The Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District was established effective July 20, 1987 as an independent special district in accordance with the provisions of the Soil and Water Conservation Law, Chapter 582, Florida Statutes, originally enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1937. This action was taken by the Florida Department of Agriculture, in concert with the Florida Department of State. The District received it's charter in 1988. The Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District operates as a governmental subdivision of the State as evidenced by its certificate of due organization on file with the United States Department of Agriculture.

The Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District was organized for the purpose of providing procedures for assisting landowners with agricultural issues related to the conservation of natural resources. As a subdivision of State Government, we have the ability to seek, utilize and coordinate financial and technical assistance from all available sources, be they local, state or federal, so that all people will have a better environment in which to live. It is our goal to identify present and future needs for the conservation protection and development of natural resources within Jackson County. We are prepared to exercise, within our boundaries, public powers as authorized by law, as amended and supplemented.

It is our hope that Jackson County becomes a strong "Conservation Community", a group of informed citizens and agencies who work together to protect our natural resource base by providing education and information about critical local natural resource issues. It is a pleasure and an honor to serve you and to help raise conservation awareness within Jackson County, Florida.

For information regarding any of our services and/or funding opportunities, please contact Alisha Dunaway @ (850) 482-1240 ext 13.

Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District Meeting Minutes  December 02, 2021  8:00 a.m.  UF/IFAS-Clover Room

Board members present: Steve Basford, Sonny Davis Jr., Mack Glass and Greg Hall Administrative staff: Alisha Dunaway, Peggy Gilley. Others present: Camilo Gaitan, FDACS, Doug Mayo, UF/IFAS, Charlene Meeks, AFCD, Rex Patterson, JSWCD-MIL, Brendaly Rodriguez-Munoz & Vincent Nadbath, both from NRCS, Kevin Warren, JSWCD-MIL and Garrett Williams, JSWCD-BMP. ​​​​​​​

Meeting called to order at 8:07 a.m. by Supervisor Greg Hall- Vice Chair. Supervisor Hall led the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. Peggy Gilley, District Coordinator, presented the agenda. A motion was made to approve the agenda by Supervisor Glass, seconded by Supervisor Basford and carried unanimously to approve. Supervisor Hall welcomed attendees and guests. Supervisors’ reports: Group 1-Supervisor Mack inquired about the financial report. Discussion was made about the new set up on QuickBooks and the data entry to input the past year or so in it so we can get a true financial report to the Supervisors. Alisha Dunaway, JSWCD Business Analyst, has run into areas where money was spent in one account, invoiced and the payments put in the general fund. The total dollar amounts add up, the individual checkbooks need to be analyzed and some money moved between them to be properly accounted for. Which she is currently working on. Group 2-Supervisor Hall-No report. Group 3-Supervisor Stadsklev Peggy read his text message that he is very sorry to be missing the meeting this month. Group 4-Supervisor Basford-stressed the urgency of getting the checkbooks in order asap.  Group 5-Supervisor Davis- arrived at the end of the meeting and was caught up on what went on.  

Alisha Dunaway-Business Analyst Report- was covered above during Group 1 report. Peggy Gilley - District Coordinator Report. Apologized for wording a texted signature request for the bank paperwork to be signed as only needing one signature. The paperwork is here, one of the pages needs all 5 signatures. (Packet passed to Supervisors to sign) Supervisor Davis signed his parts when he arrived. (The bank paperwork is to get Alisha and Peggy both listed on the JSWCD Peoples South bank accounts) Miss Peggy also shared that this week she found out that there are county vehicles here that she is allowed to use. If any of the Supervisors that are needed for signatures cannot come into the office, she can and will go to them.

Brendaly Rodriguez-Munoz-NRCS Report. When we did the welcome earlier Miss Brendaly introduced the newest NRCS hire, Vincent Nadbath, he is funded by the National Turkey Wildlife Foundation. Vincent works for a few of the counties in the panhandle, Marianna is his home office. Miss Brendaly gave reports on the CSP program and its deadlines. She also described the differences between the Equip program & CSP.  Caroline Chappell-4-H- was here and left the flier with the Embryology Program Update. 

Old Business: Mobile Irrigation Lab Contract. Rex Patterson reported on the recent ICC meeting, it has been left up to the boards to decide if the technicians must continue logging their time every 30 minutes. The board members present are all in agreement that our techs do not need to do that. Mr. Camilo Gaitan spoke about his returning position to oversee MIL’s with FDACS. He is working with the technicians and his superiors to fine tune the program and is here to answer any questions about the amendment to the contract that the board members need to sign today.

New Business:   Mileage Reimbursement for Alisha and Peggy, the ladies are unsure how to process for payments. Supervisor Mack said it was handled under normal expenditures before. Bill 1078-Charlene Meeks spoke about the Bill going before the Senate and the House and how it might affect Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District if it passes. We would be slated to be dissolved and assets moved to the Water Management District. AFCD is working on scheduling meetings to talk to those involved. Rex Patterson brought up end of year evaluations for he and Kevin Warren (MIL). He stated that a salary increase had been discussed for when evaluations were done, if not for him, at least for Kevin. Mack Glass stated he was fine with increased pay. Board members present agreed. Mr. Glass then instructed Alisha Dunaway to contact Angela Weeks-Samanie (FDACS) to which Camilo agreed.

UF/IFAS Report: Doug Mayo, wanted to bring one thing to the district’s attention. It was mentioned after the Farm City Breakfast that the Chamber may not want to sponsor it in the future. There was some discussion about agriculture being the biggest producer in Jackson County. Doug mentioned how Orange County changed theirs up and we may want to look at what they are doing for future endeavors.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

Anyone wishing to have a "LINK" or contact information placed on our website, please contact Peggy Gilley at (850) 372-4793.

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The Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District does not collect or impose taxes, fees, or any charges for services rendered. We are a Non Profit Organization.  

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